About Yourself

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About Yourself

All About Me!Tell us about yourself.

Create a folder for your work.1. Open the Student Work folder on your desktop.2. Open your grade level folder.3. Open your color group folder.4. Click on File and select new folder. When new folder appears and the box is highlighted, type your first and last name.

Create your avatar. Use your first name only. Save first as an .mae file and then export your avatar to your folder. Name each file with your grade, color group, first name, then avatar. (Ex: 3gLenetteavatar)

Open PowerPoint and tells us about yourself. Make sure to add these items.-your first and last name-your avatar-your birthdate-where you were born-your family members-things you like and don't like-Any other information you would like to share

When you have completed your PowerPoint, upload it to your EasyTech (Learning.com) account in the About Yourself assignment.

Select these choices on the export menu before saving your avatar.

Logon on to Learning.com and complete these lessons.-Composing Slides-Enhancing Slides


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