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About X-ray tubes

The Evolution of the x-ray tube

The Original Crookes tube 1875. (Electron microprobe laboratory)

The next design moved and beveled the anode directly across the cathode. This allowed the electrons to hit the anode directly, and let the xrays focus in one direction. (History of x-rays)

The cathode was then upgraded. It was given a tighly wound coil wire called a filament. The filament generates so much heat that an electron cloud formed around it, this is called thermal emission. The high powered electrons are then launced towards the anode (Physics).

About X-ray Tubes...Even though the x-ray tube has evolved over the years they still use the same basic method...

The anode then made to rotate. This way the energy from the electrons is distributed, instead of one spot taking all the damage. (history of x-rays)

The Crookes tube's design could not focus x-ray beams. Because of the anodes location, the energy released went all over the place. (History of x-rays)

..Inside a vacuumed glass tube there is a cathode (-) that emits electrons towards an anode (+). because opposite charges attract, when the cathode is heated electrons are accelerated towards the anode...

However, the powerful electrons from the filament completely bombarded a single spot on the anode leaving a "pitted anode". Once this happened the tube would be useless (History of x-rays).

...As the high speed electrons collide with it's target they lose energy rapidly. Most of the energy is released as heat, the rest is converted to x-rays( x-ray generators).


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