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About Plant X

Plant X

Stem cutting is the cheapest way of reproduction.We only need a healthy plant, a bud,a pair sissors and soil ! What is stem cutting?Stem cutting is the most commonly used method of vegetative propagation. A stem cutting is plant stem including a tip , sucker , shoot or a portion of a stem without the apex that includes one or more nodes removed from a parent plant and capable of rooting; A stem cutting is used to grow a whole new plant, which is also known as cloning Note:Stem cutting can only ake place when the part of plant contains a bud.

Cheapest & fastest Method:Stem Cutting

Steps :1.Cut out a part of the parent plant which contains a bud.2.Put that part of the plant into a pot of soil which consists of water.Then place the pot in a place where there is oxygen and warmth.Please do not bury it in the soil.Make sure that you water it daily.

None of the ways are perfect but there is a better way among the others. The better way is to plant it and pollinate it yourself!You can grow the plant by stem cutting.Step 1:Plant it in a pot of fertile soil.Step 2:Wait for the plant to germinate and bear flowers.

Most Perfect Method

Step 3:Check if you have both male and female flower.Step 4:Take down the male flower and draw circles around the female flower.Make sure pollen grains had landed on the stigma.Just wait until the flower produces seeds.Step 5:After they producesd the seeds,just plant their seeds again!


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