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About Mrs. Marinaro

Mrs. Marinaro

Joie Marinaro

About ME!

Where I've been, and how I got here... -Howell High School, Howell, MI -Michigan State University -BA in English; Certified to teach grades 6-12. -Interned at Holt Junior High of Holt, MI -Teaching at MacDonald Middle School since August 2012, and recently transferred to East Lansing High.

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"The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts..." -C.S. Lewis

8th grade English@ MacDonald Middle Schoolof East Lansing, MI

My goals are to walk away with something that I can use immediately- something that directly benefits my students, and makes me a resource for my colleagues. I see technology as another literacy, one that I need to be well-equipped to teach, and teach with. However, it’s also really important to me that my technology use is functional- not just flashy and “cool”. I’m also hoping that this degree will be something that will develop its own momentum, so that I can walk away continuing to learn about tech-use, and not become expired after a short amount of time.

Married 6.21.13!

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I am a visual learner. I need to see/read/do in order to process something effectively. I learn from discussion of ideas, but I would never be considered an auditory learner. I need context in order to connect ideas to their relevance- especially when it comes to how I can apply concepts functionally. As a teacher, I am deeply passionate about the success of my students, as literate shapers of this world in which I live. To communcate effectively and affectively in a variety of ways in my classroom is of the utmost importance!

When I was in HS, it was the relationships that I had with adults that really helped me to "get by" when life got particularly rough. When I graduated and headed to State, I felt compelled to join their ranks.

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