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About Mr. B

Logic: How can I best use sound reasoning?Metaphysics: What is real?Ethics: How does one live "the good life?"Political philosophy: What is just?Economic philosophy: What, how, and for whom do we produce?

Hip hop is more than just music, it is a culture. Since the fifth grade, I have explored various aspects of hip hop culture, including breakdancing, deejaying, graffiti art, emceeing, and beatboxing. I try and incorporate these elements into my style of teaching both to engage students and to increase the authenticity of my lessons. I AM HIP HOP.

Knowledge is power.Become Powerful.

Mr. Barberesi

Econ is about more than wealth, it is about the science of decision-making. I am so lucky to teach this class because I get to spend most of my day either teaching young adults how to get rich or discussing the latest news (fluctuations in the stock market, gas prices, the motives of politicians, etc.) with them.





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