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About me

I graduated from West Chester University with a BS in English Education.I'm currently working toward my Master's degree in education with a specialization in integrating technology into the classroom through Walden University.

Mrs. Bethanne Lindenbaum

My favorite holiday is Christmas

My favorite seasons are fall and winter. I love being cold!

I have a dog, Sophie and a cat, LK. I adopted LK from the Humane Society. I also plan to foster a puppy soon!

I've been to Mexico three times. Isla Mujeres is probably my favorite vacation destination. Over spring break, I visited a small English school to deliver school supplies to students on the island.

I teach:- HS Understanding Technology- Middle School Technology- Hiigh School Web Design

This year in technology class, my goal is to teach students to use online tools and various types of technology that can be used in many different subjects. Although they are learning the basics in my class, my hope is that my students will naturally be be able to integrate the tools into their core subjects.

I plan the 7th grade field trip to NYC.We are giong to see The Lion King on Broadway.


Photography is a passion of mine. I love to take pictures of my nieces and nephew.

I coach the middle school forensics team.


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