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About me

About Me

Hey I'm Sean McFall. There is to many things I like and to little page to display it in. I will explain a few biggies.

I like to Doodle. Many people get doodleing and drawing confused. If I'm in the mood I like to draw otherwise I'm doodleing. Doodleing and drawing are completely different no matter what anyone tells you. Also for some reason I'm better at doodleing than I am drawing. I have a personal joke about one day being a proffesional doodler. People will come for everything. Weddings, Funerals, Prom, Graduation, and all the other major stuff.

It is so nerdy but I like to read. Only problem is I'm picky. You could had me the biography of John Adams and it will be back on the shelf were you found it. Probably a lot of people will do the same but as long as I find it interesting I'll read it.

Most people would find this weird but I like to argue/debate and I'm pretty good at it. It's just something about taking a person's opinion and telling them how stupid it is that makes me happy. Samething goes for the people saying what I think is right is wrong. You should try it sometime. It's a great stress reliever.

Well this is a little about me as you can read. I hope you enjoyed my hobbies/favorite things to do. It's been great typin' to ya. See ya down the road.


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