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About me

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About Me

Digital Storytelling

MY Favourite football team iis BAYERN MUNCHEN MY Favourite Colours are Purple, Grey, Red and BlueMy Favourite Dish is Chicken RiceMy Favourite Drink is Mountain DewMy Favourite Sports Apparel is Adidas

I want to sign-on in the Army.To get married hopefully by the age of 25 and to start a family by the age of 30. To have a minimum of 4 children.BE A GOOD AND CARING HUSBAND TO MY WIFE AND A FATHER TO MY CHILDREN. To visit the Allianz Arena one day :')

Dreams & Aspirations

I was born on the 7th of January 2000.I LOVE FOOTBALL :DMy full name is Muhammad Jalaluddeen Wong Jeem bin Muhd Faiz Wong :DI am the only child in my family :/I am a mix of Chines, Malay, Indian and other races too :DI Love My Band Of Brothers and A Special Someone ;)


Playing FootballPlaying Computer GamesListening to ALL KINDS OF MUSIC(Electronic or Nu-Metal my fav)

Video (2 samples of my Fav Music)

The Story about ... ME!!!




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