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by jasminefreeman8
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Language Arts
Oral Communication

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About me

Sadie Hawkins 2013Breanna ,Madyson,and I

JasmineGoofy, Loving, DeterminedDaughter of Tonya and James Freeman Who Loves food, animals, boybandsWho fears spiders, heights, never meeting Nash GrierWho needs her phone, family/friends, godWho feels anxiety, love, and hateWho would like to see world peace, end of world hunger, and an cure for cancer.Born in Providence RI, resides in Cairo, gaFreeman

All about Jasmine

My favorite VinersCameron Dallas, Nash Grier, Hayes Grier, Carter Reynolds

My stepsister (Makaya) and iJacksonville,FL2014

Scholars Dance recitalFeb 2014

OBCDADance recital 2012

My favorite food

My best friends Emma, Krista, Muriel, Zaria

Two of my favorite songs

Flipagram including my best friends,family, and things i love.

My Favorite Band



  • BulldogScholars 6 years ago

    BulldogScholars's avatar

    Jasmine, I absolutely love your personal project! You did an excellent job incorporating your hobbies and interests in a very creative format. I look forward to seeing you perform in dance recitals this year, and I think I need you to teach me how to make flipagrams! Again, thank you for sharing your favorite things in this personal project!