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About me

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About Me

About Me

My name is Jacob im 11 and love STEM espesially the math and tech part about it.

A way that STEM relates to me is that i love video games, and to creat video games it requires math a the knowing of technology.

Another thing that a love are cars what do cars have to do with STEM you ask? Duh, engineering you have to engineer the car with the engine and thr transmission it also requirs math with the measurments.

I also love all animals well not all animals.

Im also many races through my blood so my parents always call me a melting pot.

I was born on the year of the monkey (2004,July,10).

My favorite T.V. show is SAO which is and anime otherwise known as sword art online.

And this is my dog.

This is my favorite video game called Black Ops 3.

I also love books.And this is my favorite book im also reading it now.


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