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About me

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About me

My PerspectiveHistory and place are key to my understanding of things and peopleINTJTech is an amazing tool for teachingAT and SPED are of real interestWant to get more girls into STEM (and STEAM)Giving back/volunteering is a key skill to learn in school!

My HistoryGrew up in suburban CT in a wealthy communityOne of only a handfull of Jewish families in townStrong NYC tiesMatriarchial family! Lots of powerful womenSurrounded by tech all the time- new and oldNature and the outdoors are highly valuedTeaching runs in the family

Andrea BerryMomTeacherAccidental TechieBeekeeperArchaeologist

My Family

Teaching Tech

My Big 6


My CareerFirst...Studied Archaeology in college-sure I was going to do this FORVER!But...graduated and did two Americorp yeas as a teaching Fellow at Citizen Schools and was hooked on education and nonprofits. So...taught for 3 years as a middle school drama and math teacherThen...got into fundraising for schools and did that for many yearsFound myself in tech all of a sudden, teaching tech to nonprofit staffNow...sell website design and development at Firefly Partners!Soon...Technology Integration Specialist coming full circle back into schools

History LoverSince a trip to Mesa Verde National Park in Cortez, CO when I was a kid I have always loved history and prehistory. BA in Archaeology from Wesleyan UniversityExcavated in CO, IL, MO, CT, NY, MA, England, FranceSpecialty- human skeletal remains (and their diseases)Favorite excavation was at a Monestary in Soissons, FranceGraduate Certificate in Museum Studies from Tufts

InterestingsFacts(in no particular order) -6-year old daughter -Married for 9 years -Lived in Maine since 2006 -Urban Beekeeper (2 hives) -Scientist at heart -Grew up with tech -Had an Apple 2GS as a kid -Pets: dog, cat and guinea pig -Dream job-owning a B&B -Favorite tech-geocaching -Grew up in suburban CT -Love the outdoors -Also getting certfied in social studies -Strong feminist




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