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About Me: Sample

My favorite subjects are Physics and Math.Even though my teachers think I am wasting my time :(

My friendscall meAl!

Albert Einstein

Birthday 3-14-1879

I have lived all over the world: Germany, USA, Switzerland, Prague (just to name a few!)

I dropped out of school when I was 16 (BIG MISTAKE!) after I was sent to a boarding school. Lucky for me I passed all the enterance exams (kinda like the GED) in Math and Physics but I BOMBED French, Chem, and Bio. Because I did so well on the Math portion I was accepted into a program so I could finnish up my education.

I have a younger sister named Maja

If I were alive today I hypothesize my favorite TV show would be the Big Bang Theory.

When I was younger I liked to compose religious music (GO JEWS!!)...then I really got into reading science books and the whole writing music thing faded. I still play the violin.

Favorite Hobby:Trying to figure out what a light beam would look like if you could run alongside it?

If I were a shape I would be a hyperboloid of two sheets because it the most complex stucture made using only straight lines. (don't know what it looks like...Google it)

I would want to be a Pizza

They never forget

Special Talent...winning the Nobel Prize in Physics

because it's a classic

Best color in the world ultravioletcatastrophe


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