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by gennosa
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Language Arts

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About Me Glog - Mrs. Gennosa

Welcome to Mrs. Gennosa'sGlog!

Ruby the Rescue Pup! The latest addition to our family.

Every summer we spend time in the Outer Banks in North Carolina and visit my side of the family.

Hello! I am a 7th grade English teacher at Sagamore Middle School, a leader of an 9th grade Girl Scouts troop in Sayville, a mom of two great kids, a friend and kin to many wonderful people, and an active member of my community.

Yes, these skies are real!

This is what the end of my street looks like!

Two happy kids . . .

Sagamore is a great school!Visit my website!

Girl Scouts Troop 559 at Brookside County Park where they completed a landscaping project. They are an awesome group of girls!

We have two cats and a bearded dragon. None of them are normal!

music fills my life . . .

Our kids like to make costumes for the pets to wear for Halloween!



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