About Me (EDEL 430)

by bekahpenner
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About Me (EDEL 430)

A little about me ...I am a family person. My parent's raised my two sisters and me to always appreciate our family. Over the years since my sisters and I have started college, my family still maintains its closeness and we adore spending time with one another.

Hi, I am Bekah Penner

For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be an elementary teacher. I am not quite sure what originally motivated me, be it that both my parents were teachers when I was a child or that I always enjoyed going to school, I have come to the understanding that teaching is what I am supposed to do. I had very influencial teachers growing up that guided me as a student and person. I want to teach and work with children because I want to be that constant source of encouragement and positivity towards learning with children like several teachers were for me. I want to show children they can accomplish their goals and give them a strong background acedemically to pursue what they desire to achieve. It is my goal to spread kindness and love through my classroom while providing an educational and fun learning environment.

Why teaching?

A couple years ago my family and I went through a life changing tragedy as my aunt passed away suddenly leaving behind her sweet husband and precious one year old boy. The pain from this has yet to leave however her boy has been able to provide our family with much needed healing. My family and I watch my cousin often, and he truly is the ray of sunshine we needed and love. He is best legacy of my aunt could have left. He reminds me more and more of how I want to be a teacher and work with beautiful chidren who know only good and whose imaginations are endless.

How I Spent My Summer

If you can see the picture above well, you can see another significant part of my life. I have grown up playing tennis with my family. When I transferred to CSUF as an undergrad, I finished out my final two seasons of college tennis as a Titan. Now as a graduate student, I still miss the practice and my teammates, but enjoy playing for fun with my friends and family.

My First Class

Last spring I had the most challenging job to date as a long term preschool substitue for about 10 weeks. This position tested my both patience and want to be a teacher. However despite the frustration and constant fear of not being well-equipped in the beginning, being "Miss Bekah" to these 20 four-year-olds was one of the most rewarding and blessed experiences. Their constant joy reminded me of why I want to be a teacher and pursue a career working with children. I will always remember my first class.

I feel extrememly blessed to live with my best friends. My roommates consist of my sister, cousin, and another close friend. We are all in the same period of life and therefore being able to share this time together is very speical.

The Roommates



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