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About Me: Annabelle

About Me: Annabelle Jones♥

My full name is Annabelle Marie Jones. I'm 13 years old and in the 8th grade. I attend St. Peter and Paul. My favorie subject is language arts because I love to write. I love all styles of music but my favorite ir rock. Before I moved here I lived in West Virgina and attended St. Joseph School. I have two dogs. A black one, and a brown one. Their nams are Lillie and Sussie. In my free time I like to write, draw, play piano, or play video games. If I were to become famous, I would want to become famous for my music becasue I would love to have people singing along to the songs I wrote. My favorie colors are black, blue, purple and red. I hope to go to collage to become a computer coder. My best friends are Mollee, Sussana, DiGi(Christepher), and Caleb.

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