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About Coloring Clays poster

Process step-by-steps of using color clay

Tips and Materials(Choosing right amount glaze, ratio of using right amount of Mason Steins)

HistoryColor clay

Coloring Clay

TheThey usally use bluish gree subtances that change to some kinds of blakc coral that called by non porus. Egyptian usally galze with quartz that looks like white diamond, soda, and mineral that include and containing coppers. Their's natural color is red and black, because in there natural way of creating clay is change to black colors. Most of clay decoration is get from firing each individual color characteristics. In other parts of contient world, which is European and Asian they mostly developed variation and condition of coloring clay, glazing.

-If you're doing with clear clay the color will bleed out and change color to dark color -For green blue, and dark black stein we need 5-8% of stains-For yellow and pink we need 15-20% of stainsMaterials: Plastics bag, clay, Mason Stains, color paint powder, blender, ½ cups of water, etc.



2.Create well in your clay and pour in the mixtures.

3. Kneads your clay with hands until you like the color result as it is.

4.Use big kitchen blender to stein/dry solution until color is even throughout clay whole part body. Blend until it looks soft and feel it as cookie dough.

5.When color clay is totally dry you can store and keep hydrate place, so you could do rehydrate again.

6. Take out from Plastic and jamming color clay with our hands to make texture more softer and smoothher.

1.Put mason stain in sealed plastic bag.

How to use colored clay to use it with pinch pot and how can I decorate with it?

Make a color ball

Pinch with TWO fingers in to make a pinch pot.

We could color only detailed part and color only that part and when we put it to our pinch pot as lips, handle, it will look shine.


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