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About a boy

about a boywritten by Nick Hornby

Will freeman wants an easy life with no responsibilities. He always receives the royalties that his father wrote a successful Christmas song, so he doesn’t need a job. After a pleasant relationship with a single mother, Will comes up with the idea of attending a single parents group as a new way to pick up women. Will joins the single parents group, and he meets Fiona and her son Marcus. Marcus is weird as the clothes, hair cut and action that sing suddenly in his classroom. They help to turn each other as a responsible adult and a cool boy.

About story

when Marcus went to picnic with Will, Suzie and her daughter Megan,Marcus accidently killed a duck with a loaf of bread while trying to feed it. When park keeper came over and asked him, Will quickly defended and lied that Marcus was trying to feed the duck with the bread after the duck was dead.

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