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About a boy

about a boy

Space : The Regent's Park.Time : On the weekend.Will goes to the SPAT picnic with Suzie and meets Marcus. While Will is avoiding answering questions about his imaginary son, Marcus thinks he has killed a duck by throwing bread at it.This is one of the key episodes in the book, when Marcus accidentally kills a duck with a piece of bread on the “Dead Duck Day”. This is what makes the connection between the two main characters, and if it wouldn’t have happened, they wouldn’t have got to know each other, and they would have continued being the tragic individuals that they were. This meeting also gives Marcus another person around him. A child needs more than one person around him to lean on in the life’s different phases, and Will becomes an important male pattern for Marcus.

The Dead Duck Day



Will is a free man. He is thirty-six years old man, and he has never had a job in his life. He lives off the royalties of his father’s famous Christmas song. Everything changes in his life after he meets Marcus. Cocky , Childish , Immature And FakeMarcus is a twelve-year-old boy. He is worried about his mom and his new school because he just moved to London. His parents have been separated for several years. Marcus is very different from most other kids of his age. Therefore, his classmates do not like him at all. He feels disappointed because of his troubles at school, the problems he has with his mother’s depression at home. Anxious , Emotionally Old , Unsociable And A 'Loser'

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Will is thirty-six but behaves like a teenager. He’s single, rich and cool. He has no responsibilities – no job, no family, no worries. Marcus is twelve and very different from the average teenager. He has just moved to London with his divorced mum, Fiona, and is having problems adapting to his new life and his new school. Fiona is depressed and heading for a breakdown. Will and Marcus meet by chance the day that Fiona tries to kill herself. She recovers, but Marcus is worried that she will try again, leaving him on his own. He turns to Will for help. Although Will runs away from this responsibility at first, he realises that he can help Marcus, not with his suicidal mother, but by teaching him how to be a ‘normal’ kid who wears the right trainers and listens to the right music. Will and Marcus change each other’s lives forever. Marcusteaches Will to grow up and accept responsibility, whereas Will teaches Marcus to live in today’s world.

About the writer Nick Hornby was born in 1957 in Surrey, England andgraduated in English Literature at Cambridge University.Book, Fever Pitch (1992). Next came High Fidelity (1995),closely followed by About a Boy (1998). All of these bookshave been adapted for the cinema.


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