Abortion and a Pro-llifer

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Abortion and a Pro-llifer

Abortion and a Pro-lifer

Links to videos that present info from the pro-choice side and the area in between.

Common statements made about abortion and medical student, Justin Malone’s, perspective on them.1.Abortion is more dangerous than giving birthAbortion carries a risk similar to other gynecological procedures. While some women do experience complications due to the procedure, evidence based research shows that it’s only in about 1% of women. Childbirth comes with its own risks as well - many which can lead to possible infections or in some cases death of the child or mother. Each pregnancy comes with its own unique set of circumstances and if safety is a concern, it’s best to discuss this with your healthcare professional.2.All forms of abortion procedures are unsafeFalse. Abortion procedures carry a small risk similar to other gynecological procedures.3.It can cause an infection inside of the woman if the fetus is not completely out of her wombWomen experience infections related to abortions procedures at a rate of 1 in 1000, or 0.1%. Antibiotics are given after the procedure to reduce the risk of infection.4.Abortion can cause cancer and infertilityHaving an abortion won’t normally affect your ability of becoming pregnant or having a normal pregnancy in the future. Untreated infections can lead to Pelvic Inflammatory Disease, which can increase your risk of infertility or ectopic pregnancies. Abortion does not increase the risk of a woman developing cancer.5.Having multiple abortions can permanently damage a woman’s bodyEach procedure carries a low risk of complications which could lead to infections. Multiple procedures do not carry any additional risk to a women.6.It can cause depression in the womanThe current research on outcomes after an abortion suggest that very few women suffer clinical-depression or severe trauma. With all major life decisions, there will be women who feel regret or have strong feelings about their decision to end their pregnancy.7.Fetus’ can feel the pain of dyingScience shows that a fetus is not capable of feeling pain until the third trimester. The third trimesters begins at about 27 weeks of pregnancy.8.Illegal abortions are just as dangerous as legal abortionsAn abortion performed in a legal medical office is not dangerous. There are certainly more risks of complications when an abortion is performed outside of a medical clinic without the observation of a professional.9.Most women don’t feel bad or guilty about their abortionsIt is completely normal to reflect on major life decisions and to have feelings about the choices we have made. However, we can make decisions only at a point in time, with the information and resources available to us then. While some women may regret the situation that led them to choose abortion, women choose to end their pregnancies because it seems like the best thing to do at the time.

I am pro-life. No, I'm not "pro-birth", anti-woman, or repressed. I feel that it is our duty to protect those that cannot protect themselves, like growing humans, but I also do not feel that I have the right to take a current human's rights away. I believe that men should have a say in this topic because men contribute to pregnancy. I think that those who want parental rights should have them and those that don't should be freed of responsibility. I am a firm believer in fairness and tough love. I personally believe that it is a difficult decision to make and an unehical act. In most cases, pregnancy is preventable and I hope that one day, abortions won't be necessary.

I researched why abortions are good and some of the reasons resonated with me even though I am not cpmpletely pro-abortion. Abortions are good because they allow women to have complete control over their bodies and health. I agree that no one should be forced to do or not do anything by the government or people. It is a violation of basic human rights. They help victims of incest or rape heal from the trauma they've experienced. They can also assist people with health issue regarding their pregnancies. Abortions can terminate unhealthy children who wouldn't have much of a life outside of their disability. They help keep the world from overpopulating and prevent more unwanted, abused, and impoverished children from coming into the world. With abortions, women can control how many kids they have and plan to have in the furture when the time is right for them. Young girls and teenagers can finish their educations and become successful adults without having to give up their childhoods and dreams for the future. Single mothers won't have to struggle caring for their child. Children don't have to grow up in homes where they're unwanted and resented.Abortion has its place in the world whether we like it or not and its benefits do some good regardless of whether we can agree to the facts.


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