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Social Studies
World History

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Dreamtime is their theory of how they got to Australia and what happened during that time. They heavily believe in fiction and things like curses and monsters. For hunting they use boomerangs and spears. They use the didgeredoo for playing music and dancing. They wear little clothing most of the time but it did depend on the weather. They speak more than 250 languages.

The Aborigines are thought to get to Australia from a boat to a land bridge along Southeast Asia to Australia 40,000 years ago



Beliefs, Arts, and Traditions

The first european encounters killed many Aborigines. Disease speread to many of the tribes and the English killed many of the aborigines. More english took over their land

European Encounters

The Aborigine's lives were affected greatly because the British forced them to move other places. There were 300,000 aborigines before they had arrived and now there are only 120,000. The british took their land and water resources. In 1967 a law was passed so that Aborigines would be treated more fairly.

Many people thought their population would be wiped out and it almost did. There are very few Aborigines left in Australia and they still havent recieved a proper apology, but a few laws treated them slightly better

The Mimis



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