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Social Studies
World Culture

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- The Aborigines were the first peoples to set foot in Australia between 400,000 and 60,000 years ago- They describe their arrival in Australia as the "Dreamtime", or the beginning of everything, when spirits created the world(Aboriginal Culture Regional website)


Family OrganizationandSocial Structure* People lived day to day in family groups, banded together as hordes, and met at times of ceremony* The Aboriginal social structure can be divided in three groups: - Physical and Geographical structure- Religious structure- Social structure(Aboriginal Culture Regional Website)

Religious and Social Structure- Society in much of Australia is divided into two moieties- These moieties may be based on Ancestral Beings from the Creation Period (Dreamtime)- Within each moiety are significant animals, plants, or places, which are of a highly religious nature - Social kinship system- The kinship system allows each person in Aboriginal society to be named in relation to one another- The value of a kinship system is that it structures people's relationships, obligations and behaviour towards each other(Aboriginal Culture Regional Website)

Physical and GeographicalStructure- Nomadic- A tribe or "language group" of perhaps 500 people is made up of bands of about 10-20 people each, who join together for day to day hunting and food gathering- Each band of people can be called a "horde"- Within each horde are several families(Aboriginal Culture Regional website)


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