[2015] Joshua Lamm: Aborigines of Austrailia

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[2015] Joshua Lamm: Aborigines of Austrailia

Aborigines of Austrailia

By: Joshua Lamm

People say that theAborigines people settled 30,000 to45,000 years beforethe Europeans did.They had groups thatwould fish, hunt, and gather other things.They learned manyskills from this. They settled on the coast of Austrailia.




669,900 people, or 3% of the total Australian population. This group is very small as you can see.

At first, there was a lot of Aborigines. When Europeans came, they speaded diseases that the Aborigines got, and they died. The Europeans took there land only giving them little reservations.


Some of the tools they had were spears, knives and other weapons. They are most known for inventing the boomerang. They used spears and knives to hunt deer.

The Dreaming


The Dreamtime is the Aboriginal understanding of the world and how it was started and created. This is considered their religion.

Their education is just an underclass of our education. Their education isn't as good as ours, but isn't bad education. The kids focus more on stuff outside of school.

Sources Used


Aboriginal Flag Above.Black = represents the Aboriginal people of Australia. Yellow circle = represents the Sun, the giver of life and protector. Red = represents the red earth.

Life Today

Life today is very different from when they had the land to their selves. They lives on reservations now and an okay education.


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