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The aboriginals did not have a religion, they had a spiritual mythology about creation called 'the dreamtime' or 'the dreaming' there are many many dreamtime stories that explain creation.

Aboriginal clothes: Woman- The aboriginal women wear, a long shirt (that is supposed to be a dress) and a flat hat, on there head, so that the big bowels of water don't fall. Men-They wear a type of leather around there lower body and face paint on there body and face, to show a cultural sign of peace.

A wonderful picture by, Colleen Wallace Nunguri, showing 'The three sisters' a dreamtime. Colleen was born In, 1973, and is apart of the Santa Teresa community (just an hour from alice springs!.


The 3 sisters:

Why 'The rainbow serpent' is so important:The Aboriginals believed that like God, the rainbow serpent made the valleys, the rivers and everything in sight, they believe this dreamtime story is one of the most important showing how they came to be.

The rainbow serpent

A significant person:My significant person is 'Mungo man' the first man on earth. And it may not sound like an extraordinary thing to be, but imagine seeing, feeling, and smelling our world 60,000 years ago? And if he was still alive I bet we would be so shoked to hear about our world when he was born, and how it has changed over the 60,000 years of him living!

SportDid you know that modern day AFL is believed to have come from a traditional indigenous ball game.Also they have many little games that would help the children learn basic survival skills whilst them having fun!

First footprints:This movie, 'First footprints' is an amazingmovie about aboriginals living on earth and what theyfaced, and how, when white people came, it impacted on theirlives ad their ways of living.I rate it 10/10, it is a heart breaking movie, that will inspire you to think more about aboriginal culture than before!So if you have some spare time, i would recomend going to the video store and getting it! Hope you enjoy it as much as i did!


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