Aboriginal People

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Aboriginal People

Iroquois live in Long Houses. Many People live in Long Houses.On the out side of the long house they put bark. Each house was made of a frame of branches and young trees and sheets of barkbor reed mats.

They believed that everything around them had life,or a spirit.Over everthing was a chef god called the Great Spirit,or the creator

There clothing and shoes were made out of deer skin.There shoes were called moccasins.In the summer men usually wore a short piece of clothing called a breechcloth.The women wore a skirt that reached there knees.Jewerly was made from shells,porcupine quills,or bits deer anthers.Animal hair and feathers in their hair.

Aboriginal Peoples

The Indians came across a strip of land that was 50 miles long.The came from asia and came to North America

Types of food they ate. Corn and fish.They hunted bears,deer,elk,and turkey.For Corn they planted the seeds then they put fish on top of the seed.Then they put dirt on top and over a certain point of time.They ate Squash and they ate Hickory Nuts,Walnuts,Ceustnuts,and Hazelnuts.They ate Apples,Wild Grapes,StrawBerries,and BlackBerries

Here is a list of the Iroquois. Mokawks,Onesides, Onondagas,Cayugas,and the Senacas

In Iroquois tribes important women from the clans chose both the chief and the council members.The chief was in charge of the council meetings .His name was sachem.


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