Aboout the Creators

by jackshah
Last updated 6 years ago

Social Studies

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Aboout the Creators

About the Creators

Please fill out this survey with suggestion and how our site looks!

This website was created by 3 seniors in Highschool taking AP Psychology.

I am the Biggest Saints Fan!

Karan Shah:The Mastermind behind this website. The creator and editor of all the technology and a masked genius too lazy to work hard to achieve A's in classes. Enjoys long walks on the beach.

Shivam Patel:A friendly fellow who is a die hard Eagles fan and loves to read and study anything about biology. This genius is the content creator and the reason for source of all the notes and data on this website. Enjoys long walks on the beach.

I am the Lovable Teddy Bear!

Shahzaib Safi:A really cool and popular guy. He has dedicated his work to our vocab, details and web design of this website. This genius here is good at everything from sports to academics. Enjoys long walks on the beach.

I am a Track Star!



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