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Language Arts

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Hi! My name is Abigail Leong Wei Xuan. Aged 11. I love to sing and dance korean songs. I have a brother named Nathaniel Leong Wei Kang. He too, love korean songs. Our fav band is SNSD ( girls generation ). My fav person in SNSD is, Jessica and Yonna. My mother's name is, Maxine Wong Hwee Hsong. I love her very much. My father's name is Leong Shung Tuck Richard. I love him too.

The picture below is my mum. She went on a tibet trip for some religious retreat. She went to Kunming and many more. She was the strongest among her whole group. Most of them fell sick due to the height that they climbed. But thank goodness she is alright and is safe back in S'pore.

The picture below is my brother. He likes the colour blue. He is aged 16 this year and is soon going for his O levels. I wish him good luck!=)

This picture below is my dad. He is aged 45. He is a caring, kind, friendly and lovable dad. He is the best dad in the WORLD! He like everything and anything. He is not picky. He loves me and i love him too.=)

Me and my bro when we were young swimming.



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