Abiotic Factors

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Earth Sciences

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Abiotic Factors

Air Air is made up of many things. It's made up of nitrogen, oxygen,argon, carbin dioxide, and trace amounts of other gases. The carbon dioxide in the air is needed for photosynthesis so that producers can get energy.

Water50% to 95% of an organism is water.Water is needed for life on Earth. Processes like respiration, digestion, and also photosynthesis require water to occur.

TemperatureWarmth and light energy comes from sunlight. An area's latitude and elevatoin effects the amount of sunlight it gets. Latitudes farther from the equator get less sunlight.The atmosphere is thinner in higher elevations so it is cooler.

SoilSoil is both biotic and abiotic. This is because it contains remains of deadorganisms. It also contains water, air, and mineral and rock particles.

ClimateThe average weather conditions over time is the climate. Temperature, any form of precipitation, and wind is included in climate. Climate affects the kinds of organisms that live there. Wind is caused by cooler air going under warm air because the warm air is lighter. Wind carries moist air to land and the air goes upward as it goes over a mountain. The air cools and the moisture falls as precitation.

Abiotic Factors

Abiotic factors are nonliving things while biotic factors are living or was living things. An example of this is air and birds.


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