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My best friend would have to be Minny, and boy is she a peice of work. her and I can laugh for hours about what these white people do. She once told me about how she tricked Ms. Hilly into eating her ''special pie''.

I work as a maid for the Leefolt family. I clean, cook, and do as im told. But my fovorite thing is to care for Mae Mobley she is like the child I never had.

Hi, my name is Abilieen and the only family I about have is Mae Mobley and the other maids in the community. I had a son but he passed away do to an accident when he was walking home from work and he got ran over by white men.

Skeeter is definatly one of a kind. She is the first white adult that seemed to actully care about how I was being treated by her family members and friends and she took a stand to all white people by writing a book about the other maids, Minny, and I.

by. Kaitlin Whitehead



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