Abigail Williams

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Abigail Williams

By: Ava Tillman and Ana Herning

Fun Facts*She was involved in at least 17 Capital Cases* Abigail claimed to see Elizabeth’s ghost and 40 other “witches” drinking blood outside her uncle’s house*She was a minor, so adults had to complain for her*It is said that she just wanted attention*The people she accused were well-respectedJoseph Hutchinson accused her of witchcraft -he said she told him that she could talk with the Devil

*She lived with her uncle Rev. Samuel Parris, who was the minister of Salem Village*It is not known who her actual parents were*Born July 12, 1680*Died October 1697 in Massachusettes

She also accused 41 people and gave 7 cases of testimony against:Martha CoryGeorge BurroughsBridget BishopElizabeth and John ProctorMary EastyJohn WillardMary WitheridgeRebecca Nurse

Abigail Williams

At age 11 or 12, in 1962, Abigail and her cousin became ill. Her uncle called a reverend to observe them. The reverend reported that they had bite and pinch marks. Apparently, the devil had contorted them so they couldn't move. Local ministers began to pray and fast for their health. Dr. Griggs said they were under an “Evil Hand” The village blamed Tibuta, the uncle’s Indian slave, Sarah Osborne, and Sarah Good for being this "Evil Hand."Abigail testified against Sarah Osborne and Sarah Good and said she saw the “apparition” of Sarah Good pinch the girls and send them into fits.

John and Elizabeth Proctor


Samuel Parris

Connection to the Crucible


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