[2015] Alma Dardari: Abigail Adams

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[2015] Alma Dardari: Abigail Adams

Abigail Adams

Early YearsAbigail Adams was a heroic patriot and strong First Lady as she made a mark in history. In Weymouth, Massachusettes, Little Abigail was born on November 22, 1744. She loved to learn and read lots of books throughout her childhood since she was also taught at home. As the second of four children, Abigail learned how to cook, sew, and knit early on. Her father served as a minister, while her mother cared for the household. Abigail liked to visit the sick and poor with her mother. She also stayed with many relatives that were leaders in politics,business, and government. A few years later, at age 15 Abigail met a lawyer named John Adams. At first, John had no interest in Abigail. Then, about two years later, they met again. They both realized that they had much in common. Soon enough, in 1762, Abigail and John began writing letters back and forth calling him "Dearest Friend and her as "Miss Adorable." Abigail had to persuade her family to allow her to marry him. They later got married on October 25, 1764 in her dad's church. Abigail and John decided to settle in Braintree, Massachusetts. There, she gave birth to their first daughter, Nabby, on July 14,1765. They also had a son named John Quincy on July 11, 1767. Shortly after giving birth to Susanna, she sadly died. A few years later, they had a child named Charles on May 29, 1770. Their youngest child, Thomas was born on September 15, 1772. Finally, Abigail had one last baby girl, Elizabeth, but she died as well. After that John was going on the road for legal practice. Abigail stayed home to do chores and work. Overall, Abigail was an amazing person, that will always be remembered.

Later YearsAbigail made remarkable points that enchant us from now and beyond. Abigail asked John to send her fancy stuff made from Europe. She sold them and became a good merchant. Then, in 1784, Abigail and Nabby went to Europe and reunited with John. They all spent 4 years in France and England, but moved back to the US again. Then, the next year, on April 30, 1789 the first president election ws held. Mr. Adams took office under George Washington. Mrs. Adams bacame the first Vice President's wife. They both kept doing this job for the next eight years. Mrs.Adams became the First Lady and John was the president in 1796. On March 4, 1797 Abigail became famous and really started taking off. Political opponents called Abigail "Mrs. President" because of her influential advice and opinion. In 1800, they moved to Washington D.C. In November, they became the first family to live in the White House. Lady Abigail, held many social and political gatherings. She used the unfinished East Room to hang laundry. In the late 1800's they faced many difficult times. Charles got ill and died in December. Mr.Adams lost the bid for reelection, so they lived in Peacefield, Massachusetts in 1801. Nabby had cancer and died in 1814. John Quincy was quite successful. He was a senator and secretary of state, and then became the sixth US president in 1825. Sadly,in 1818 Mrs.Adams had become ill and died on October 25 with Typhoid Fever. She was buried next to at the United First Parish Curch. In 1826, Mr.Adams died and was buried next to her. Ultimately, Abigail Adams has imprinted her legacy in history and forever remains a powerful figure.

Greatest AcommplishmentAbigail Adams struggled through the war, but she kept on going and always shined bright like a star. John kept writing to as Abigail notified him of what was happening. Britain was imposing taxes as Massachusetts was still one of the thirteen colonies. In 1768, because of the laws in Boston, the family had to move. On March 5, 1770 fighting broke out between the British soldiers and colonists; The event is known as the Boston Massacre. Later on, after it ended, on December 16, 1773 60 colonists staged and soon the Boston Tea Party began. Abigail was delighted by the Boston Tea Party. Many colonists dumped 342 chests of tea in Boston, to go against tea tax. In 1774, the British government passed many laws including an increased amount of British control for Massachusettes. The other laws angered the colonists so they were called the "Intolerable Acts" In September, the First Continental Congress began in Pennsylvania. Mr. Adams became a Massachusetts Representative while Abigail moved the children back to Braintree. In 1775, more British control was wanted by the colonists. Then, in April 19, the American Revolution began. In May, the Second Continental Congress began in Philedelphia. Then, in June, the Battle of Bunker Hill began. Mrs. Adams and John Quincy watched it unfold. Abiagil, kept writing to John, but struggled without him. Abigail and the cjildren fed soldiers, made bullets, and helped people flee from Boston. Some colonists decided to stay loyal with England King George 111. These people were called Loyalists and Mrs. Adams questioned some of the women suspected. On March 1776, Abigail wrote John a letter about women's right which was her most famous letter. On July 4, Congress accepted the Declaration of Independence and colonies did become free from British control, but there were no women's rights. In 1778, Congress also allowed Mr. Adams to minister France. Mr. Adams took John Quincy and Charles with him. Then, at last, the American Revolution ended in September, 1783. Abigail Adams is a brave, and unique woman and she was one of those people who keep the world spinning.

Direct Quote" I desire you would remember the ladies, and be more generous and favorable to them than your ancestors. Do not put such unlimited power into the hands of husbands. Remember, all men would be tyrants if they could" - Abigail Adams " Remember the Ladies"

Interesting FactWhen Abigail Adams was born, Great Britain's colonies in North America used the Julian Calendar. On that calendar, her birthday was November 11. Then, they adopted the Gregorian Calendar and November 11 became November 22.

Abigail Adams became First Lady between 1797-1801.


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