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DO YOU KNOW...?The local dialect of the English language is 'The Doric' and it's spoken in the North East of Scotland

INTERESTING FACT!The best and the tastiest whisky is from Scotland, Aberdeen.

Aberdeen has a high level of employment: the petroleum industry is more popular and better than the textil, fishing and shipbuilding industry. Aberdeen has one of the most commercial heliports in the world and the largest seaport in north-east Scotland.Aberdeen also won the 'Britain Bloom' and the 'Aberdeen International Youth Festival', an international event that attracts an incredible amount of young artists around the world.

CRAZY FACT!CRAZY FACT!Aberdeen has over 52 golf clubs, one for every week of the year.

Aberdeen is a Scottish city, located in the north-east of Scotland, in Aberdeenshire. It's the third most populated city of Scotland: it has approximately 210.400 inhabitants! It's sometimes called the Granity City and the Grey City, because its buildings are covered with grey granite. Aberdeen has a large coast-line. It has two parts: New Aberdeen and Old Aberdeen, where it's located the University of Aberdeen.


The University of Aberdeen is one of the most famous institutions in Scotland. It was oficially founded in 1495, and it's one of the most ancient universities in Scotland and the United Kingdom. This prestigious university contains some buildings distributed over different localisations. The most important are the King's College in the zone of Old Aberdeen and the Marischal College in the zone of New Aberdeen. Both institutions were unificated in the 19th century, becoming the campus of the University of Aberdeen.

Aberdeen's city counts with some important and ancient churchs. The old church of San Nicolas is one of them. During a long time, this was one of the biggest and famous religious centres at the medieval age. Even though it has been reformed in some occasions, there are still certain medieval elements, like some tombs and some decorative elements, mostly inside the church.

In Aberdeen, we can find the most amazing and beautiful beaches that Scotland has. At the beginning of this zone, we can find a little boulevard with bars, gyms, attractions and similar establishments. A little further from this, we find the beaches and the esplanade, where celebrations of events, like races and contests of different types happen. It's a place where the people go for a walk with the family or with pets, and where they can relax.


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