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Abe Lincoln


Abraham Lincoln ended slavery on January 1st, 1863. He did this because he thought it was wrong and that all humans deserve equality in life. He issued the Emancipation Proclamition to end slavery. There were many different views on this situation. Many thought it was a good thing, but yet many thought it was bad. Abe got assassinated because of what he believed in. Abe knew this risk, but he still made slavery illegal. He is a hero because he put others before himself.

Abe Lincoln, the hero.

Ended Slavery

Helped,cared,and assisted humans and animals

Abe cared and helped animals and people. He would help injured animals while others laughed at their pain. Boys would put hot stones on turtle shells to get the turtles to come out to kill them. Abe would instantly tell the boys to stop and even fight them. Lincoln also once saved a dog from dying of starvation and freezing to death by risking his own life and swimming across a river in the middle of winter!


Abrham Lincoln was a hero. A hero is someone who hels others and puts others before themselves. All these heroic deeds proves how good of a person Abe is and how he's a hero.

Abe was an amazing president. He cared about his soldiers and would visit them in the hosbital during the civil war. This established everlasting connections with the troops. He cared for all citizens in the united states reguardless of race and culture. Lincoln was also the only president who even tried to stop slavery! This is brave and heroic. His acts as president changed America today.

How he was an amazing president


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