ABC Brainstorming Strategy

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ABC Brainstorming Strategy

This can be used for any topic. The ABC Brainstorming Strategy is a great front loading activity to activate background knowledge and/or a great back loading activity to close an activity. It's a great way to get students laughing, involved, and helps them think critically by finding a word or phrase for each letter. This can be tiered down by completing the chart as a class. This can be tiered up by challenging the students to have a minimum of words or phrases for each letter. The studnets can start this on their own and finish in partners to find words or phrases for letters they may be stuck on.


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ABC Brainstorming Strategy


1) Give the students a topic.2)Have the students list the alphabet, A-Z on their paper.3)Based on the topic, the students will list words or phrases about the topic for each letter. Example: For the topic United States, they might list: America, Red,White,&Blue, Developed, Washington D.C., etc.

BY: Katelynn Bush



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