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abby(peyton) history glog

My name is Abby Joanes I was born 1 minute and 1 second after my sister Abbigail,.We were born March 17,1701 in Barcelon, Spain.We moved to Massachusetts when I was 3. My parents died when I was twelve ,so my aunt took me and my sister back to Barcelona and lived in her house. We had no friends because our aunt was so mean. All we did was work on the farm and get educated ,it was a boring 6 years . When my sister and I turned 18 we moved back to Massachusetts,.My sister and I screamed out we're free from the wicked witch, it was awsome. 2 years later my sister got married and then 4 months had passed and I got married.

I am married to Berry Jones ,we are both loyalists. My sister is married to Gorge Jones , they are not related. They have the same last name and it's spelled the same way. I hope someday we will have a bigger family and go to their parents house and hang out . It would be so much fun to have a mom and dad again .I don't have to see my aunt anymore like I said we are free. I am a blacksmith my family has been carrying on this tradition for many years and my sister and I thought it would be cool to carry it on too .

We lived in a house like this when we moved to Massachusetts with my parents.

I hate war I think we should talk through it insted of fighting I hope one day that will happen .

At the Town Hall Meeting we debated whether we should have a king or not.



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