abby-Fort Mose

by davidcosand
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abby-Fort Mose

By reading this book you will get to find out what happens in the end, and what kind of families are in store for these young travelers. I hope you will take the time to read this book, and will enjoy this novel as much as I did.

Fort Mose, also known as Gracia Real de Santa Teresa de Mose, is a smaller fort just outside the eastern edge of the marsh, two miles north of St. Augustine, Florida. Fort Mose is a place where no matter where you are from, or what your background is, you could come to this little fort and be free. Polly, Amari, and Tidbit are on an adventure going south to get to Fort Mose.

Fort Mose

While on their way they hit many bumps and cranks, but with each other by their side they stick together and make it to freedom. After spending almost three months walking from South Carolina to Florida, the three friends make it safe and somewhat healthy.


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