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Based on this project, it has become obvious that it is impossible to avoid getting tracked by companies who want to promote their products in someway. The key to handling this is just being aware. Be aware that certain ads may pop up due to your seen favorites. Having awareness allows one to know that there is much more out there then can be seen. All one has to do is simply search for it. No tracker can prevent someone from searching the web and finding new topics that they weren't previously exposed to. Most importantely: DO NOT BE COCKY. This project clearly shows that someone is always watching. Be smart.

Online Tracking

In an effort to see who tracks me, I went on various websites that I visit on a day-to-day basis through the app Ghostery on my phone. This app allowed me to witness trackers as soon as they saw what I was clicking on and most likely kept note of it. The little ghost at the bottom right of my phone screen (see arrow) popped up with numbers signifying the many people who track me. I was surprised to find that all of my regularly visited sites consist of many watching.

It was pretty amazing to see how over thirty trackers could pop up for a simple article about dolphins. I went to Google, searched dolphin, and clicked on the first link to test what kind of trackers would pop up. I was astonished to see so many random companies looking at my simple search. This discovery showed me that no click or link is considered 'unimportant.' In fact, every single thing we do on the internet is tracked..... pretty scary.




What I Did

Trackers are ghostly,,.

My online behavior definitely creates a cautionary tale. The websites I visited were all places I go often, yet there was always at least five people tracking my every move. Online caution is crucial for having a safe Internet experience. I certainly will be cautioned for my future time on the web.

Dolphin Search

Cautionary Tale

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