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BIRDS AND PLANESWe wouldnt be able to fly without birds! Actually, we base plane parts on parts of birds such as: PLANE BIRD nose beak rudder tail wheels feet wing wing fuselage chest

FUSELAGEThe fuselage is the body of the plane that holds the crew, passengers and/or merchandise. Also it holds the plane together.


Parts Of A Plane

PROPELLERThe propeller is like a fan, it creates power by setting a motion into thrust. The blades on a propeller are shaped like an airfoil to create a pressure difference between the front and back of the airfoil leaving you with thrust.

WHEELS The wheels help to gain momentum for take off and they definitely help for landings. Without the wheels planes could not take off or land. The wheels can also be called the landing gear. The wheels have the nasty side effect of getting grass and soil stuck in them.

AILERONThe aileron is on the back of the plane's wing. The aileron helps the plane to turn depending on which way the flaps are.

ELEVATORThe elevator is on the back of the plane and is attached to the vertical stablizer. The elevator moves up and down. This part of the plane makes the plane go high and low.

ENGINEThe engine is placed at the front of the plane in front of the cockpit. The Engine is very important to a plane because it gives the plane enough power to get into the air and stay there.

WINGThe wing of a plane is shaped like an airfoil which has a steramlined cross-section producing lift and drag.

VERTICAL STABLIZERThe vertical stablizer keeps the plane steady

RUDDERThe rudder is at the back of the plane. The rudder is connected to the vertical stabllizer. This part of the plane helps to turn the plane with stability.

TAILThe tail consists of the rudder, vertical stablizer, and elevator.

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NOSEThe nose is streamlined. the nose makes lhe plane more aerodynamic beacuse it cuts thruogh the air .


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