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Abbeycarton National School

Abbeycartron National School

Abbeycartron N.S. is a Catholic school under the patronage of the Bishop of Elphin. The school draws its pupils from the town and surrounding countryside of the parish of Elphin. Its is a D.E.I.S (Rural) school and participates in the Deptartment of Social Protection lunch scheme. The school has an enrolment that fluctuates between 145-155 pupils and currently has 6 class room teachers, one Learning Support and a resource teacher. School begins at 9:20 in the morning, has two breaks at 11 and 12:30 and finished at 3:10 in the evening.

School Context

There is a strong emphasis on physical activity in the school. Sports such as gaelic football and soccer for both boys and girls.The school is equipt with a new P.E. hall and an upstairs library/computer room.

Class Overview

The class is divided into pairs. There are three rows made of three - four pairs. The pupils are rearranged into new pairs every few weeks. Each pair are facing the front of the class.The teachers table and whiteboard is positioned at the front of the classroom, with a sink and storage positioned at the back of the room.

Classroom Layout

I have 6th class for School Placement in March. There is a total of 23 students in the class made of 10 boys and 13 girls. It is quite a strong academic class with just two students who really struggle with maths. They recieve extra attention once a day from the Learning resource teacher.

Extra Curricular Activities


I.T. is something that may not be used to a huge extent in the class. I would hope to use as much as possible in March to give the children the experience of learning in a new and modern way.

The main differenttiation that the teacher planned was for the two students that were weaker at maths than the rest of the class. He gave them similar questions but less and sometimes simplified.

It is clear the majority of this class ios well behaved. There are very few behavioural issues that the teacher has to deal with on a regular basis. However there is one or two children that can sometimes be a little challenging. For this reason the teacher has a rewards system is place and the class is divided into teams of four. Each student has the chance to get points for their team by behaving well.

Behaviour Management




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