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Aarons Riels Glog

The Manitoba Act happened when John. A Macdonald recieved a Bill of Rights that was given to him from the Metis Provisional Government. Almost all of the Right were agreed apon. Such as a french and english school system, 560 000 hecatares were set aside for the metis, the province would send 4 members to the House of commons and 2 memebers to the senate, the natural resources of the province In July 1870 the government passed the Manitoba Act to create the Province of Manitoba.

Reasons for the second Metis uprising in 1885 were that the Metis were givin coupons for 240 acres of land in Manitoba but the system did not work so a lot of people didn't get their land. Anglaphone's started moving into Manitoba and they did not show respect for the Metis culture. The Metis became afraid of assimilation and they were feeling cheated and frustrated so they moved north and west. The buffalo started dissapering and the Metis had to find a different source of income. The Metis started ranching, logging, and running small businesses to make money. The Metis sent letters to the government suggesting how to prevent a second Metis uprising but the government ignored them.

Uprising Of 1869The simularities of the Two Metis Uprisings-Louis Riel led the Metis during both uprisings-The uprisings were both sparked by unfair government decisions-The Metis were afraid of being assimilated both times-The Metis sent the government letters about their concerns both times Differences of the Two Metis Uprsings-The Metis were apart of Canada for the second uprsing-The Metis had the French on their side for the second uprising-The Metis still lived by their own rules in the first uprising

Details on the Second Metis UprsingThe Second Metis Uprsing of 1885 was a brief and unsuccessful uprising by the Métis people under Louis Riel against the Dominion of Canada, which they believed had failed to address their concerns for the survival of their people. Despite some early victories at Duck Lake, Fish Creek and Cut Knife, the rebellion resulted in the destruction of numerous Métis and allied Aboriginal (Cree) forces who had joined in a few days after.

The Fate of Louis RielAfter the resistance Louis Reil was arrested for treason and over a dozen other Metis ended up in prison. Riel stood trial after months of John A. Macdonald holding it off and just like Thomas Scott he was found guilty. Louis Riel was sentenced to hang by the neck until dead.


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