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Earth Sciences

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The Curiosity is a Mars Rover which explores the surface, gases and rocks for infomition about this planet. It is used to see if there is life or not and if there once was. This technology could help us learn to live on the cossen planet.

FactMars is named after the Roman God of war

FactMars mass is o.11 of Earth

LivabilityWe can't just live on Mars the way it is. We need to change it using these things listed:1. A green house for all of our plants. This way we can control temperature and oxygen for them.2. A space ship for us humans and animals to live in. We could turn this into our permanent home. The atmosphere on Mars is not breathable for humans so we would have to make a special atmosphere for ourselves inside the spaceship.3. A gravity chamber with a toilet and a sewer system.4. A communication device that would work on Mars (not the internet).5. A power point to charge our space suit (and our ipods /phones).

FactRotation period is 1.03 days

FactIn 1965 sientist found water on Mars


I think mars will be a great planet to move to because it's the closest planet to earth, it's bigger than the moon and it's not to far from the sun but not to close either. Mars is 227,900,000km from the sun and its diameter is 6,779 km. The neighbouring planets are Earth and Jupiter.Earths is a Terrestrial planet.Its mass is 5.97x10^24. Its radius is 6371 km. Jupiter is a gas giant. Its mass is 317.80 of Earth. Its radius is 11.209 of Earth. Based on this information Mars is the most Earth-like planet in our solar system.


Mars labled diagram

Mars space suit

The surface of Mars




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