A33's project

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A33's project

The final product and the materials I needed for my project. the voice over explais what was on the backpact and the uses.

Describe your Spinoff idea and the problem it solves.The Moblie Warmth Backpack is a solar power backpact that can charge your phone, heat up a hot plate for food or even a heated blanket for the cold. But that is not all, on the bottom of the backpack there is a sleeping bag(made out of a space blanket) the comes out of the backpack and has muiltpy layers for warmth. It is easyly accessible and good for on the go(especially the homeless).

In your own words, what is Spinoff technology?Spinoff technolgy is taking invention from Nasa that they have prevoilsy used for space or things involing space, and reinventing it to use on earth. This can include but not limited to, helping the climate, feeding the hungary, help stop gobal warming, aid people mentally and physically or solving another one of the worlds problems. Spinoff technlogy can help reuse materials or ideas and create something new. The program has already helped many and will help even more in the future.

Reseaching the Project

Creating My Spinoff

Final Product

The spinoff technilgy I wanted to use was the solar pannels and the famouse space blanket. Examples are shown below

Photos of the orignal spinoff technolgoy and how they used it in space.

The spinoff technilgy I wanted to use was the solar pannels and the space balnket. in thi video you will see me construting this video

Originally sketches of backpack before created with digrams added.


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