[2015] Aleksia Barka: A wrinkle in time

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[2015] Aleksia Barka: A wrinkle in time

Author: Madeleine L'engle

Margaret (Meg) Murry- a high school girl, who cares a lot about her family, especially for her brother Charles Wallace.Charles Wallace- a 5 years old boy, Meg's brother, is different from normal people, always knows what Meg and her mother are thinking.Calvin O'Keefe- a 14 years old boy, a friend of Meg and Charles, sometimes has a strange feeling that tells him what to do. IT- a disembodied brain that kept Camazotz under its pulsation rythm.The Dark Thing- a dark shadow that is the evil source in the cosmosThree Mrs. W's- immortal creatures who helped the children

Title: A Wrinkle in Time

BookreportBy: Aleksia Barka


SettingWhen: October, around 1960s.Where: Protagonist house and the haunted house, in U.S.A, Earth; Uriel; Camazotz;

-Meg gets her father form the transparent column where he was kept a prisoner.-Then Charles gets them all to IT..-They try to fight it, but it was too strong for them so they tesser to Ixchel.-Then Meg goes to Camazotz and with the love for her brother she manages to get him back in himself.-Calvin, Meg, Charles and Mr. Murry tesser to Earth and meet the other part of the family.

-Charles and Meg's father is missing.-Meg, Charles, Calvin and the 3 Mrs. W's tesser to another planet, Uriel, where they see the Dark Thing.-The children are transported to Camazotz, the planet where their father is.-In the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building, they face the Man with Red Eyes who tries to hypnotize them.-Charles Wallace gets hypnotized and he (under IT) leads Meg and Calvin to Mr. Murry.

ThemeThe battle between Good and Evil

Quote"'That it has to be me. It can't be anyone else. I don't understand Charles, but he understands me. I'm the one who's closest to him. Father's been away for so long, since Charles Wallace was a baby. They don't know each other. And Calvin's only known Charles for such a little time. If it had been longer then he would have been the one, but- oh, I see, I see, I understand, it has to be me. There isn't anyone else'" (L'engle, p.196)


ConflictThe main conflict is between good and evil. Meg, Charles and Calvin want to find and help Mr. Murry, while trying to defeat the Dark Thing.

EvaluationThe book overall was good but the plot could have been a little more complicated and with more twists.RecommendationThis book would be a good choice for girls and boys of ages 10 to 12 who are interested in adventures, courage and self discovery stories.

Extras"A Wrinkle in Time" is the first book about the Murry and O'Keefe families. It won a Newbery Medal, Sequoyah Book Award, and Lewis Carroll Shelf Award.


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