[2014] Jessica *.* Neff: A Wrinkle in Time

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[2014] Jessica *.* Neff: A Wrinkle in Time

Mrs. Whatsit's visit to the Murry's house

They all tesser to Uriel

It is late at night and raining at the Murry's house.They don't know if Mrs. Whatsit is a person they should welcome in thier house as a guest or not. Meg doesn't know if she should trust Mrs. Whatsit and thinks she is the tramp. Charles thinks Mrs. Whatsit is "on their side" and treats her as a friend.Mrs. Murry is shocked at her mention of the tesseract and it catches her off guard and confuses her thoughts.

It is mid day and sunny outside at the abandoned house. They aren't sure if Calvin is telling the truth and if they should trust him. Meg is curious about why Calvin is there and is a little suspicous.Charles decides Calvin is telling the truth on why he is there and lets him tag along. Calvin feels a strange "calling" to go to the abandoned house and is confused and doesn't know why.

They are on a different planet called Uriel. The kids don't understand tessering. Meg is aroused by the strange feeling of tessering and doesn't quite understand how it works.2

They are still on Uriel, high in the sky where the air is thin and it is hard to breath. They are introduced to the dark thing and feel its bad vibes. Meg hated the dark thing.Charles was scared of the dark thingCalvin declared that he felt that the dark thing was evil.

They are now in the CENTRAL Central Intelligence building in a in a Camazots town. The weather is perfect and sunny.They need to find their dad, but only The Man with the Red Eyes can tell them where he is. Meg doesn't trust the man at all and knows that he is evil and has her father imprisoned. She is also angry with the man.Charles knows the man is evil and trys to block him out of his mind, but eventually gives in and becomes pozessed.Calvin trys to keep the man from getting in his head by reciting things and keeps his guard up.

They are now on a different planet in Happy Medium's cave. It is cold and dark. They don't understand how the earth is evil, as Happy Medium keeps saying. Meg, Charles, Calvin are all greatfull for Happy Mediums kindness and are finally begining to understand things.

They are still indoors at the CENTRAL Central Intelligence. There is complete darkness in the cylinder their Father is in. They need to rescue their father but Charles won't help. Once Meg rescues him, he can't help the situation with Charles. Meg is angry at Charles for not helping get their father, and is angry at her father for not knowing how to help Charles. Though she is relieved to see her father after the many years. Charles is still pozessed and seemingly is heartless. He is continuelly rude to his father.Mr. Murry doesn't understand the situation and can't help Charles but is happy to see his children again and wishes to help as much as possible.

They are inside IT'S building near CENTRAL Central Intelligence. IT'S building has a rhythm that hypmotizes and takes over you.IT is trying to take over their minds, and already has Charles in his control. Meg realizes that the rhythm takes over your mind and body and says things to try and break the rhythm and its power over her, but starts to lose control. Calvin decides it's time to tesser so that it won't over take Meg.

Meg is back in IT'S building on Camazots.Meg has to find a way to defeat IT and save her brother Charles. Meg finds out the one thing she has that IT doesn't is love. She tells Charles she loves him repeatedly until he snaps out of his trance. As they embrace in a hug they are tessered back to earth in the Murry's backyard with Calvin and Mr. Murry.

They are on a planet called Lxchel. It is foresty and dark.Charles had to be left behind on Camazots. Meg is torn because they had to leave Charles. She is in pain from the tessering, but when she wakes up she feels safe and enjoys the presence of Aunt Beast. Calvin and Mr. Murry are not satisfied with the idea of Meg going back to Camazots alone, but are persuaded by the Mrs. W's to let her go.











Meg and Charles go to the abandoned house and meet Calvin

Mrs. Whatsit transforms and shows them the dark thing

They meet Happy Medium

The kids go to Camazots and meet The Man with the Red Eyes

They rescue their father

They meet IT

Tessering to Lxchel

Meg defeats IT and saves Charles then they apear back home

A Wrinkle in Time


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