A Week in the Woods

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A Week in the Woods

Setttings:First, there's Hardy Elementary School. Hardy Elementary School is really big, it has at least 29 kids in each class. The city all this story is in is called New Hampshire. There is a lot of snow in New Hampshire. As you may have guessed the season is winter and the story time is in the present. In the city there are a lot of fancy and welcoming stores and a lot of schools; some big and some small and one of them is Hardy Elementary School. There are many bumpy brick roads all over the place.

Main Characters:One of my main characters is Mark Robert Chemsley. Sometimes he can be a slacker when it comes to changes. I know this because on page 8 of the story it says " Mark put his feet up on his desk and looked out the window. He was a total slacker." But when he gets used to things he starts to express his personality. Mark is also very intelligent. I also know this because on page 42 the book says "Mark was exactly right about everything." Another main character is Bill Maxwell, Marks science teacher. On page 3 it says "Mr.Maxwell is a very tall man. He is 6 foot 3 and is also really strong. He's 45 years old and yet he looks 10 years younger but is very honest

Problem: First of all Mark acts as a slacker which gets on everybodys nerves especially Mr.Maxwell. To recover that Mark tries to show all of his teachers that he isn't a slacker which doesn't work. Mr.Maxwell is really mad and starts hating Mark after what he tries to prove. Lastly, at the program A Week In The Woods Mark brings a knife which gets him into trouble and runs away.

Main Events: There are many events so here is 4. #1 A Week In The Woods which is a educational program that lets you experience campfires, creative writing, storytelling, nature, enviormental science and woodcraft. #2 Mark moves into a mansion and he feels lonely. On page 10 the book says "Mark felt lonely in such a big place." #3 Mark learned how to snowshoe and eventually became obsessed. #4 Mark slept in a barn all alone scared with many goals he has to remember in order to go to A Week In The Woods.

Personal Connections:In the story when Mark felt lonely in such a big place. I felt the same when I first moved to Canada, I was with my family but I was in such a big place that I felt lonely.

Moral of The Story:A first impression is always the most important timpression to do in front of strangers, teachers, friends and neighbours. This is the moral of the story because in the story Marks first impression was that he was a slacker which in the story he tries to overcome.

Recommendation:Out of 5 stars I give this book a 4. I bet this proves I like this book, why you ask? Well, I like it because the books author is my favourite, Andrew Clements. I also like it because it has a important message which is a first impression has to be the best because if it's not you're going to regret it. This is the message of the story because in the story the main character Mark makes a wrong first impression and tries to fix it. Lastly, I like it because it's my type of book. It's all about trying to prove things. I wold reccomend this to kids of ages 9 through 12 because it has a little bit of diffucult words snd it's 200 pages.


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