A walk in the woods

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A walk in the woods

Bill BrysonA walk in the woodsBill Bryson




Ch 1-5In the beginning of the book "Awalk in the woods" Bill Bryson stumbles on this Apalachian trail as he is moving into his new home in New Hampshire. He seems intreged by this trail and sets a plan to hike it. He then goes to a sporting goods store togather supplies fore the trip.After he has his gear he finds that he would like a partner to acompany him on the trip. One man named Stephen Katz is intreged and agrees to hike it with him. As they start to plan the trip they are having a hard time choosing a place to start. They use a guide named Wilson to help them give them a good place to start. As they start there journy the are so tired by the end of the first day so they stay at a nerby hotel. Over the next few days they meet this crazy lady named Mary who follows them everywhere they go.

Ch 6-12They are now a few days into the hike and are feeling confident when so terrible weather hits them hard. This was new to them and caused a very restless sleep that night. They ended up pushing on to the Smoky mountains the next day. During there hike so far both guys are beyond tired of walking and decide to take a break from walking and use a cab driver to take them farther into Virginia. They both new that they where never going to complete the whole journey. As they are walking they come apon a town to crash at and stay for the night. Bill decides that since they have been hiking in the woods for such a long time he decides to get some insect repellent.


Trail map

Bill Bryson and Katz

Bill Bryson


Ch 18-21In the final chapters Bill on his own finds this big mountain called Mt. Washington and climbs it with a new friend Bill Abdu. He completes that and the next day he meets up with Katz to continue there hike. Before they go to finish there trip Katz decides that they should lighten there packs so they are not so heavy on their backs. They decide to throw away extra water because it weighs to much. So as they are hiking Katz gets thirsty and goes to find a pond to get water and does not return for a while. Bill gets worried and goes to find him the next day. He is troubled when he can not find him and just thinks that he went on with out him. He eventually gets a call in the next few days from Katz telling him that he went back and is now working. He told Bill that they where never going to complete the whole trail and that he was done. Bill ignores him and continues to hike as far as he can. In the end he hikes 870 miles of the two thousand plus mile trail.

Ch 13-17It is now gettingto the later portion of there hike and they have had enough and decided that they would separate and meet up back in August to continue hiking. While they are apart Bill was determined to keep on hiking through there time of apsence. He is just exploring every mountain in Pennsylvania just to keep him in hiking shape. Once he has climbed everything in Pennsylvania he decides to go to him home state of New Hampshire and hike trails there.

"I have long known that it is part of God's plan for me to spend a little time with each of the stupid people on earth !"(Bryson 51). ch 4

"Are you saying,Dave,that I pay $250 for a pack that is not waterproof? Does it have a bottom in it?" (Bryson 10).ch1

" I got to eat every hour or so or I have, whadayacallit, seizures!"(Bryson 22) .ch2


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