A Voyage to Earth's Core

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A Voyage to Earth's Core

A VoyagetoEarth's Core

The Mantle, which is located under the Crust and above the Outtercore contains iron, silicon and magniesium. It is in the form of a solid. The depth of the mantle is 2900km and its avergage temp is 932-1600°

The Crust, outermost layer, is made up of mostly solid rock, soil, erided and weathered rock. The depth of the crust on land is 35-40km but under the ocean it is 7-10km. It is mostly solid but some forms of liquid. The main mineral is silicates, Feldspar, Micas and quartz. The crust is the coldest layer but it makes up less than 1% of earths mass.

The Outer Core is between the Mantle and Inner Core. The depth of the Outer Core 2266km. The average tempis 4000-5000°c.The form of the Outer Core is A liquid and it creates a bubble aound the earth so the gravitationalpull will not disappere.

The layers of Earths core:Crust~LithoshereMOHOMantle~AsthenosphereOuter CoreInner Core

The Inner Core is made up of soli iron. It is the innermost layer of the earths layers. The radious is 12.220km. The average temp is 5400°c

The Lithosphere is located between the the Mantle and the Crust. It is the solid form. The MOHO is in the same location as the Lithosphere but its the liquid form.


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