A voice in the wind

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A voice in the wind

by Francine Rivers

CONFLICT: The conflict in this book is internal. Haddassah is struggling to stay strong in her christian faith through persecution in Rome, and as she falls in love with a non-chritian, wealthy Roman.PROTAGONIST: The protagonist in this book is the main character, Haddassah.POINT OF VIEW: The point of view in this story is technically third person, but even as it captures the emotions all the charaters, it mostly focuses on Haddasah and her journey.

Climax and Resolution

A Voice in the Wind

Conflict, Protagonist, and Point of View

SETTING: The setting of this book is around 38 A.D. (a few years after Jesus' death) in Ancient Rome.THEME: The theme of this book is faith. Haddassha's struggles through listening to God and finding her own truths, a struggle that many can relate to.GENRE: The genre of this book is historical-fiction, taking place during a real time in history.

Character Traits

CLIMAX: The climax of this story is when Marcus' sister sent Haddassah to the Colloseum to be fed to the lions after she overheard Haddassah reject Marcus.RESOLUTION: The resolution of this story is that when Marcus sees Haddassah's death, his eyes are opened to the horrors of what Rme calls "entertainment". He finall sees how sinful and corrupt Rome really is.



Setting, Theme, and Genre

Important Quotes:“Never doubt God in the darkness what he has given us in the light.”- A Voice in the Wind“Unless we have something worth dying for, Atretes, we've nothing worth living for.” - A Voice in the Wind



JULIA: child-like and immature, thinking only of herself ad her own desires, never once thinking of the consequences that may follow. Naive, she chases after the world for happiness and excitement.

MARCUS: a young, athletic aristocrat with a huge ego and a promising career that leads to much pride. He is his own god, relying in his own strength to get him through life.


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