A Villainous Glog

by mrpeglow
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A Villainous Glog

A Villainous Glog

YOUR ASSIGNMENT: Superheroes & SupervillainsCreate a Super Glog that contains the following items...02 pts. Title at top of glog (list hero or villain & your chosen supername)01 pts. Pic of superheroes or supervillains at top of glog 05 pts. Your created superhero (It is scanned and in Shared on T_Bolts, 1 Peglow folder)03 pts. 3 Cliparts/pics showing each superpower 12 pts. A paragraph (5 sentence minimum) for each superpower that explains... If you're a Hero: How it defeats bad & How it helps good If you're a Villain: How it helps you & How it hurts others. 02 pts. Listing your Nemesis & a link to your super blogYour blog will be the first chapter of your super book. IF you get to this part you will need to create a new blog page titled whatever your hero or villain is called. More details about what the first chapter will be about later.


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