A view from the bridge

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A view from the bridge

Mike - Louis - Tony First and Second Immigration Officer Mr. and Mrs. Lipari

The climax of the story:Eddie is showing his violent behaviour toward Rodolfo by lifting chair up in order to hit him.

Here are some informations about the characters in the video; http://www.bbc.co.uk/schools/gcsebitesize/english_literature/dramaviewbridge/viewbridgecharact.shtml


Eddie tells Catherine that she must not behave so 'Wavy'.

Eddie is jealous.

Rodolpho and Catherine decides to marry.

Alfieri: An Italian-American lawyer. Alfieri is the narrator of the story. Eddie Carbone: A Longshoreman. Eddie lives with his wife, Beatrice and orphaned niece, Catherine, in Red Hook Brooklyn.Catherine: Catherine is a beautiful, smart, young Italian girl.Beatrice: The wife of Eddie and aunt of Catherine. She is a warm and caring woman Marco: The cousin of Beatrice. Marco comes to the U.S. to work and make money to send back to his wife and children in Italy. He is a hard working Italian man.Rodolpho: Rodolpho prefers singing jazz to working on the ships. He loves Catherine.

Arthur Miller;Born in Harlem, New York in 1915, Arthur Miller attended the University of Michigan before moving back east to produce plays for the stage. His first critical and popular success was Death of a Salesman, which opened on Broadway in 1949. His very colorful public life was painted in part by his rocky marriage to Marilyn Monroe.He died on February 10, 2005.

Beatrice tells Eddie that Catherine and Rodolpho are getting married next week.Eddie tells Beatrice he wants his respect, he is responsible for Catherine because he doesnt want her to marry with Rodolpho.Eddie tells immigration officers about Rodolpho. Marco spits on Eddie's face and escapes. On the wedding day Eddie doesn't let Beatrice go to church until Rodolpho apologizes him but Marco comes.

Marco attacks Eddie and kills Eddie with his own knife.


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