A trillion Frames Per Second Camera

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A trillion Frames Per Second Camera

A Trillion Frames Per Second CameraBy: Kaitlyn Militzer and Megan Kusler


Since it is not out, we do not know what the cost of it would be. The cost to make this camera was around $250,000. By the time it is released in the market, the cost could possibly decrease. But adjustments that they would have to make for this to be functional in the real world could potentially result in a price increase. This is something more advanced than anyone has ever seen before, it may not decrease for a while.

With a trillion frames per second, scientists can catch many things that they couldn't catch before.They can capture action photos, light movement, and many other things.

There is no set date for releasing this product; however, it sounds like it will be available to the public in a few years. To make this a possibility, this camera would have to be majorly reduced in size. It is much too large to be able to have any functionality outside of a laboratory right now.


What is it

What Can It Do?

This camera was invented by a student and a teacher at Massechusets Institution of Technology. They managed to catch movement of light across an apple, a burst of light through a Coca-Cola bottle, and a bullet through an apple.They made this camera to capture the movement of light, which human eyes cannot see. They use this camera to take pictures, catching a burst of light as it illuminates the bottle.

One of the bad things is that you have to make sure that the camera and the laser are perfectly in sync with each other. "It takes a billionth of a second for the light to scatter through the bottle. It would take an about an hour to collect all the data" (MIT). If you mess up the experiment, you would have to redo all of it and you would waste time.



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